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Ongoing projects



Continues  the  implementation of the international  humanitarian  project “Memorial Park  Sorvali – our  common cultural  heritage” dedicated  to  study and  revival  of  historical cemeteries  of  XVIII-XX  centuries in former Sorvali (now Gvardeysky).
In  2012, the  historical place of family  burial  Otsakorpi – Vyborg entrepreneurs and philanthropists –  after  the  restoration  of  the sculpture by J.Haapasalo “Kolennopreklonennaya.”





The international project “One border  town: Step  Up”   provides  the  development  of cooperation  of  border  areas  through  personal communication and public relations in the fields  of  culture,  education,  youth  policy and sports.

Annually  the framework of this project is held a bike ride Vyborg-Lappeenranta, other sports and cultural events. For the first time on the Baltic  Youth Games 2013 in Vyborg perform a team consisting of border areas of the Vyborg district, Imatra and Lappeenranta.





Ongoing projects:


Name: Nota-Bene
Name: Rivers and fish - our common interest
Name: Two-way railway traffic via Imatra/Svetogorsk border-crossing point
Name: Step Up - Cross Border City in Action
Name: Creating access to the art of photography for young people with disabilities