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International cooperation

Cross-border location of the Vyborg district provides  opportunities  for  the  development  of international relations in different spheres of life – economic, socio-cultural, environmental and others. Currently,  there  are  10 international cooperation agreements with the cities and regions of Finland, Germany,  Norway,   Scotland,   Belarus,  China and Israel.


30 years celebrated since the signing of the agreement  on  international  cooperation  and partnership  between  Vyborg  and  the  nearest neighbor – the Finnish city of Lappeenranta.


International cooperation in brief:

- Cooperation with partner cities: Lappeenranta/Finland,

Imatra/Finland, Hamina/Finland, Bodø/Norway,

Greifswald/GermanyStirling/Scotland, Ramla/Izrael, Rechitsa/Belarus, Jiaxing/China,  Changzhou/China

- Participation in bilateral projects/national programmes
- Participation in different project of EU programmes