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Economy in brief

Budget 2012 - ar.5, 2 bln rbl (130 mln Euro)
Out of which 72 % goes to social and cultural sector
Total amount of industrial companies - 521
Out of which:
45 main industrial companies
80- fossils companies
405 – processing companies
36 – housing engineering service companies
One third of working population in industrial sector
Average salary – 27 500 rbl (680 Euro)
Average salary of municipal workers – 24 000 rbl ( 600 Euro)

• Manufacturing and processing industries are the leading sector of the region's economy.
• Wood processing and pulp and paper manufacturing along with port complexes connected with pipeline transport sector are one of the most developed sectors.
• The construction industry is also well developed. Five large granite quarries operate in the region.
• High technology manufacturing, such as shipbuilding, electronic and instrument production are leading sectors of economy in the region as well.
• As one of the major transit points in Northwest Russia, Vyborg region is actively developing its infrastructural sector. Significant passenger and cargo flows both in and out of Russia, have lead to the creation of customs warehouses, brokerage firms, transportation companies, and travel agencies.

Regional GDP (constant prices) 103 bln rbl ( out of which pipeline transport -37 bln rbl)

Industrial production (rbl) 49 bln
Regional inflation (CPI, y-o-y %-change) -1 ,2
Gross average wage (monthly, EUR) 27 500 (680 Euro)
Unemployment (% average annual) 0,4
DI inflow (EUR million, current prices) 300

There is a stable tendency during the last years for a decreasing of the population caused by low birth-rate and a decreasing migration from other regions. The close location of Saint-Petersburg also attracts Vyborg citizens to migrate.


Population – 205,7 ths ( 80 9000 in Vyborg = 40%)
Out of which:
Urban 135,2 (66,5%)
Rural 70,5 (33,5%)
Level of urbanization – 66 %
Territory - 743123 hectares
Out of which:
77 % - forestry
12,6 % - agricultural
4% - Inhabited
Total no. of settlements – 182
Out of which:
Towns- 8
Rural settlements – 174