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Crossborder cooperation

    Traditionally  the  cooperation  has been more intensively developed with the neighboring municipalities. So, the cooperation of Vyborg and Lappeenranta officially started in 1987, when  the  first agreement on cooperation of  two  neighboring  border  cities was signed. But, the background  of  long  lasting  relations  was formed even earlier, during the years  of reconstruction  of the Saimaa Channel  (1963). At that time,  the side by  side work of
Russian  and  Finnish  construction  workers  helped  to establish   good  friendly  links  that  afterwards  were supported  by Finnish-Soviet societies of friendship in both countries.


    Cooperation between Vyborg and Lappeenranta has been changed since that time substantially, starting from exchange visits of high officials, cultural groups and school students, through humanitarian aid for social needs to mutual projects.


    One of the last projects, that united together two cities is “Northern dimension: Step up: Cross border City in action”. The idea of the project emerged from the mutual perspectives of sustainable social development of the border territories and the need to integrate individuals, institutions, public bodies representing social sector from both cross border partner- cities. Partner cities are committed to make their cities more attractive to live, work and visit. The project is using the experience and knowledge of specialists, divided into action groups, (Sport, Culture, Education and youth policy), each implementing internal and external collaboration aiming at meeting common needs and targets for the further development of the region.


    The duration of the project is 36 months, the project activities are implemented on both sides of the Russian-finish border territory, that covers the municipalities of Vyborg region , Lappeenranta, Imatra and Joutseno.


    Effective cooperation between partners and intercultural communication in everyday life are vital not only to the success of the project, but to further collaboration of the neighboring regions.


Before  each  New  Year on the border  of  Russia and   Finland   meet  Russian Father Frost from the  Great  Ustyug  and  the  Finnish Joulupukki. 


    The meeting is held in the framework of the project   “Christmas   without   Borders”,  whose participants are children and adults on  both sides of  the border.








Due to the joint work of Russian and Finnish  organizations  in  Vyborg,  near  the Cathedral of Peter and Paul, there is a monument to Mikael Agricola – the founder of the Finnish written   language,  educator  and  peacemaker. Agricola’s  life  was  associated  with  Vyborg, where he studied and lived for more than  two decades.


    The  first  monument  to  Agricola was opened in Vyborg in 1908.